Our Purpose

Freunde der Alten Musik is a fund within the Fondation des Fondateurs (FdF). We make suggestions and recommend the award of grants by FdF for musical projects that improve the quality of people’s lives and build mutual cultural understanding.

Freunde der Alten Musik supports and promotes old classical music from ca. 1200 to ca. 1900 in “historically informed performances”. A priority of Freunde der Alten Musik is to actively support and promote young classical musicians and their musical projects. The fund may support the participation of musicians and ensembles in music festivals and help support classic music festivals which perform old music.

The Freunde der Alten Musik may also contribute to and support other organisations having the same objectives of the support and promotion of old classical music and “historically informed” classical musicians.

Both the Fondation des Fondateurs and Freunde der Alten Musik have a charitable character, have no commercial objectives and are not for profit. Both Fondation des Fondateurs and Freunde der Alten Musik do not engage in any political activity.